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The Ultimate Home Chef Dashboard for Notion (3-in-1 Bundle)

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The Ultimate Home Chef Dashboard for Notion is an all-in-one, fully integrated Recipe Manager, Grocery Tracker & Meal Planner dashboard template.


🕹 Centralize your home cooking with the main dashboard – showing you your meal plan for the day, recipe inspo, groceries you need to buy, and more. The dashboard houses 3 main templates that all work together:

Recipe Book

🍱 Full fledged recipe planner to house recipes of all kinds

📒 15+ pre-set views to automatically filter recipes by several categories: all the way from the type of meal, to recipes that are quick to make, favorites, low calorie, and lots more

⏲ Track recipes by cook time, pre-built tags, status (made or to-make), ingredients stocked, calories, and so much more

🥘 Unique “Ready to Make” feature – the Recipe Book fully integrates with the dashboard’s grocery tracker, and will automatically serve up recipes with ingredients you have on hand!

Grocery & Inventory Tracker

🥕 This database is more than a grocery list – it doubles as a full inventory for your kitchen! Out and about and not sure which ingredients you already have at home? Want to see what your must-stock essentials are? The Grocery & Inventory Tracker has got you covered

📱 Mobile-friendly list for taking out to the store

🛒 Full pre-set grocery store categories (aka aisles) to tag for quicker and more efficient shopping, as well as separated lists by stores

🛍 Filtered lists by what you need to buy and what you have stocked, as well as your essential (recurring) items, and one-off items

Meal Planner

🍜 Pick out your meals per day or per week from your already-populated Recipe Book to easily map out your meal plan

🎚 Reflect on how what you eat affects how you feel – by tagging each day with your hunger level, end-of-day satisfaction level, and even your mood

🖲 Automatic metrics pulled in from the Recipe Book, such as cumulated total cook times and total calories for the day (optional)

🗓 Automatic calendar view to see your meals in multiple weeks or months

✍️ Food diary view to log more detailed notes on how you felt about your meal(s) for the day


💡 Helpful and detailed tooltips throughout to make the most of the template


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