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Brain Buddy, a Second Brain System.


Streamline your projects, 10x your productivity, and organize your life with Brain Buddy, our all-in-one Second Brain system made for Notion.


Designed for the ambitious, the creatives, and the doers – just like you.


  • Capture ideas fast. Develop them into impactful projects with Brain Buddy.


  • Curate and organize quotes, highlights, and useful links.


  • Make connections between your notes to surface new and original insights.


  • Complete tasks. Complete projects. Complete your goals and create the life you want with ease.


Organize Your Life and Reach Your Goals In Half The Time (and With Half The Effort)

The biggest problem with modern life is an overwhelming amount of information. The second biggest problem is a lack of focus on what is truly important. Brain Buddy solves both.

  • Freelancers: Deliver projects faster and delight your clients with high-quality work.
  • Managers: Become a clear thinker and rally your team around initiatives that make an impact.
  • Solopreneurs: Stand out from competitors by overdelivering on the important stuff with more consistency.
  • Busy Bees: Balance all areas of your life. Never let the important things slip again.

What you’ll get

  • Tasks
    Manage your tasks in one central dashboard or by project.
    Capture and manage tasks. Schedule based on priority.
  • Projects
    Easily track your projects, break them down into tasks, and quickly access linked notes and resources.
  • Goals
    Define what is important to you and track your progress across all areas of your life.
  • Notes
    Capture and save your personal notes to declutter your mind and never forget anything.
  • Resources
    Effortlessly save useful links, organize them by topic, and connect them to your projects.
  • And much much more..
    Brain Buddy helps you organize your life through dedicated sections and pages including Inbox, Quick Capture, My Day, Project dashboards, Archive, and more.


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