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Notion Startup OS

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The fastest and easiest way to plan, launch and manage your startup.


Every template you’ll ever need

+60 ready-to-use and easy-to-customize templates including:

✅  Company Dashboard

✅  Business Model Canvas

✅  Value Proposition Canvas

✅  Company OKRs

✅  Business Portfolio Map

✅  Team Alignment Map

✅  Pitch Deck Creator

✅  ROI Calculator

✅  Marketing Strategy

✅  Financial Statements

➕  +52 Other Templates

Including  Projects Dashboard  Tasks Dashboard  Company OKRs  Product Launch Plan  PH Launch Checklist  CRM  Investors CRM  Investment Memo  Subscription Tracker  Team Salary and more.

A process-based approach to growing your startup

  • Startup OS is a process. NOT pages & templates!
  • Built based on validated and constantly improving processes to be your recipe for success.

Startup OS will help you…

  • Convert your ideas into startups 10X faster.
  • Save +200 hours searching for documents.
  • Focus on your most profitable activities first.
  • Control your financials and keep your burn rate low.
  • Keep your whole team and investors involved.
  • Grow your startup faster and with no worries.


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